Bettesteiner Footstompers

Oompah Band


Stefan is the band’s frontman and plays 2nd Trumpet. He takes the band bookings and if you call the band it is him you will speak to.

He is a Bavarian food lover and can drive the band bus, tractors and cows.

Stefan seems to be at his happiest when he is posing for photographs; especially with pretty women!



Herr Gell plays Lead Trumpet for the band and has been studying German Biers for many years.  He is not sure which one is his favourite and is going to try them all twice, just to be certain. He has approximately 15 children but is now semi-retired. Otto's claim to fame is that his instrument was once stroked and much admired by TV personality Julia Bradbury! He has not washed it since.




The lovely Gretel is the band's Clarinet and Saxophone player and is a well known and respected Bavarian sausage expert. Gretel is a talented music arranger and a number of the Footstomper's pieces were done by her. She is quite small but more than a match for the other Footstompers thanks to her excellent, and much commented upon, lungs.




Big Willy is the Footstompers' Tuba player and is quite possibly the most

confused man in Europe. He has recently been advertising his services as a solo act for pool parties, ladies nights, porno castings and nudist events. So far none have been forthcomiing although he was recently the highlight at a Tupperware party. Willy was once widely tipped, by his mum, as the German entry for the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest with his own composition 'Tuuuuuuba, Tuuuuuuba!' which sold eight copies.




Hans is the bands Euphonium player and loves two things in life; music and travel. He is well known in many countries and has played with his horn in some far flung places. Most recently he 'entertained' some livestock on a farm in Australia and apparently made most of the local newspapers and some national ones. All this travel has led to his nickname of 'Wandering' Hans........ always a hit with the ladies.



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